Virginia Shakespeare Festival

What have I been up to? Well, after closing “Candide” with great aplomb I proceeded to spend a month readying myself, preparing my Mind, Body, and Spirit for “Richard III” at Virginia Shakespeare Festival.

How is it going? Great! We are a week into the contract and already have a majority of the play staged. In addition to the Marquis of Dorset, I also play a Messenger and a Priest… in the same scene. I literally run off as the Messenger and return mere moments later as a Priest. Who else could they cast in such a demanding series of roles?

What am I going to do next? The show closes on July 23rd, after which I plan a brief siesta to Southern California followed by a triumphant return to DC to star as the Young Lad (actually a pretty serious speaking role despite the moniker) in 1st Stage’s production of “The Pitmen Painters”.

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Love,