“The Pitmen Painters” — Two Reviews

“Ryan Alan Jones has a formidable outburst at the top of Act II that brought Picasso’s iconic, anti-war “Guernica” to bleeding, breathing life.”


“Jones’ unemployed lad is eager for knowledge. His scene arguing with Miller’s Marxist Harry over the presence of Freudian symbols in his political art is a true gem (the workers had just recently completed an Intro to Psychology class and, hence, the lad’s cursory knowledge of Freud.)”


DC Theatre Scene Review

“Ryan Alan Jones is outstanding in a short turn doubling as an artist under Lady Sutherland’s patronage, giving a droll and intelligent introduction to the game of the art world.”


“Postcards from the Apocalypse”

In other news, I am cast in a play reading at Spooky Action Theater this Monday the 16th at 7pm. The new piece, entitled “Postcards from the Apocalypse”, will be directed by Stacy Kruml.

Show Opening

We were blessed with a lovely and supportive 1st audience tonight at 1st Stage’s production of “The Pitmen Painters”. Thank you. It promises to be a satisfying journey.