Melchior Callback

Okay guys and gals, I’ve got another one tonight. This time, a callback for Melchior in “Spring Awakening” at the Kensington Art Theatre. Wish me luck!

Audition Season Starts…

Auditioning tonight at 9 ‘of the clock’ for Half-Mad Theatre Co.’s production of “As You Like It”. Wish me Luck!

Audition Season

Hello Internet! The dry season here in DC-land is about to wet it’s palate, tis the season to audition, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, laa!

November 17th — As You Like It at Half-Mad Theatre Co.
November 21st — Romeo and Juliet at Compass Rose Theatre
December 9th — 2013 DC-Wide Lottery Auditions
December 16th — Virginia Shakespeare Festival 2014

Wish me Luck!