Casting news!

Happy to announce that I will be joining WSC Avant Bard’s production of “Friendship Betrayed” this summer, playing the role of Don Juan! Totally stoked to be working under the direction of Kari Ginsburg and with this totally talented cast. More to come…

“Last of the Whyos” Rehearsal Begins!

1st read through of “Last of The Whyos”, opening February 5th at Spooky Action Theatre.

Get your tickets here:

MD Theatre Guide Says…

“The breathtaking fluidity of his movement is so astoundingly like water that you wonder at the solidity of him.”

Come See “Lobster Alice”!

“Ryan Alan Jones’ characters were all the fleeting temptations we have viscerally, emotionally, and mentally. His job was to be beautiful and he was that, indeed.”

First “Lobster Alice” Review is in

“Jones, who plays both Thornton, Alice’s love who died in the war, and a caterpillar (it’s Wonderland, remember) combines admirable acting and good looks with movement skills that would be at home on a Synetic stage. He is at his best in that ballet, easily lifting Alice horizontally over all those set pieces then leading her through an exquisite pas-de-deux.”