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Ht: 5’9″  Wt: 140  Eyes: Blue  Hair: Blonde


Friendship Betrayed (Summer 2015) Don Juan WSC Avant Bard / Dir. Kari Ginsburg
Optimism! or Voltaire’s Candide Candide Spooky Action Theatre / Dir. Michael Chamberlain
Last of the Whyos Shiner Spooky Action Theatre / Dir. Rebecca Holderness
Lobster Alice Thorton/Caterpillar Flying V Theatre/ Dir. Amber Jackson
Nero/Psuedo Ensemble WSC Avant Bard/ Dir. Patrick Pearson
Dream Love Milo Avalanche Theatre Co./ Dir. Ryan Tumulty
Beauty and the Beast Ensemble Synetic Theatre/Dir. Ben Cunis
The Pitmen Painters Young Lad / Ben 1st Stage Theatre / Dir. Stevie Zimmerman
Spring Awakening Melchior Kensington Arts Theatre / Dir. Emily Zickler
The Aliens Jasper (u/s) Studio Theatre / Dir. Lila Neugebauer
Richard III Marquis of Dorset Virginia Shakespeare Festival / Dir. David Zarko
A Midsummer Night’s Dream First Fairy South Coast Repertory / Dir. Mark Rucker
Measure For Measure Angelo CSUF / Dir. Joseph H. Arnold
Equus Alan Strang CSUF / Dir. Patrick Pearson
Chemical Imbalance Jekyll/ Hyde CSUF / Dir. Eve Himmelheber
The Good Soldier Schweik Ensemble Long Beach Opera / Dir. Ken Roht


When We Were Young (short) Max MagicBloodFilms / Dir. Nicholas Naveda
The Bloody Indulgent Featured Dancer Trees of Shade / Dir. Ken Roht


California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) BFA Acting Program
Acting: Svetlana Efremova, Maria Cominis, John Short
Dialects, and Voice and Movement: David Nevell, Anne James, Evelyn C. Case
Dance and Musical Theatre: Macarena Gandarillas, Eve Himmelheber, William F. Lett, Jim Taulli, Sarah Swanson
Dance Training: Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern
Voice Training: Kristine Linares, Gustavo Gusman, Russ Penney
Stage Combat: Michael Polak, Folton Burns
Audition Technique: Holly Powell


Equity Membership Candidate
Dialects: British RP, Standard American, Irish, New York, Geordie
Dueling Arts International Stage Combat Certification (Basic Theatrical Combatant in Single Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, and Unarmed Combat), Gymnastics and Improvised Movement, Roping and Lariet, Wilderness First Aid Responder, Eagle Scout